This petite sized two stage sharpener features both coarse and fine sharpening options. Each slot offers the correct sharpening angles to effortlessly sharpen European style knives with just a few pulls. The Deluxe Edge Grip™ makes the task of sharpening a dull knife or touching up an already sharp knife less intimidating for even the most inexperienced of cooks.

This small but versatile knife sharpener quickly and easily sharpens both straight and serrated edge knives and can either be used on a flat surface or on the edge of a table or countertop. The Deluxe Edge Grip™ features a V-Grip™ bottom that allows stability and comfort as well as additional safety while sharpening.  Use the Deluxe Edge Grip™ Sharpener on the edge of a counter or table top to prevent larger knives from coming in contact with the counter as the knife is being pulled through either of the sharpening slots.

Available in red with soft touch hand grips, the Deluxe Edge Grip™ features Precision Carbide Blades in the coarse slot; which are ideal for sharpening dull and damaged straight edge knives. The fine slot includes Triangular Ceramic Stones to quickly and easily sharpen serrated knives and lightly polish and hone already sharpened straight knives.

Deluxe Edge Grip Sharpener

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